World in common: environment and climate emergency

The environment, and specifically the climate crisis, is discussed during the PRE-FESTIVAL. Tackling the theme from different points of view, authors and authors will present their recent works, in a dialogue with guests, curators, and curators.

The meetings, each lasting one hour, will be live streamed entirely online from 2 September to 7 September 2021, from 7:00 pm, and are open to all.

This year Bookolica – The festival for creative readers is enriched with new content and offers the public a Pre-festival, from Thursday 2 to Tuesday 7 September, which focuses on the environment and specifically the climate crisis, an increasingly urgent issue, as certified by the latest report on global climate science, published on 9 August this year by the IPCC (UN Scientific Panel on Climate Change).

The novelty, within this 2021 edition of the Festival, is divided into a series of meetings – all online – organized with the patronage of the University of Florence and curated by Massimo Carta, Professor at the Department of Architecture (DIDA) in 'UNIFI, and by Marzio Chirico, an environmental activist.

Tackling the problem from different points of view, the authors will present their recent works and the goals that animate them, in an accessible dialogue with guests, and curators.

The links of the connections will also be shown on this page, in correspondence with each event.

The preview of the festival (on 8th September and 9th September) will instead take place in person.

With the patronage of the Department of Architecture,

University of Florence

September 2, 2021

Bees and the future of the planet

Meeting with Monica Pelliccia (freelance journalist) and Adelina Zarlenga (freelance journalist)

La rivoluzione delle api. Come salvare l’alimentazione e l’agricoltura nel mondo”, ("The bee revolution. How to save food and agriculture in the world")

2018, Nutrimenti Editore, Vandana Shiva's preface.

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

Bees are responsible for 75% of what arrives on our tables: pollination,

a fundamental effect of their activity, contributes to the birth and diffusion of plants that are essential for our diet, and the maintenance of biodiversity.

At present, world agriculture of large monocultures makes extensive use of poisons and pesticides, including neonicotinoids, which are lethal to these precious insects. Their lives, already compromised by the effects of global warming on the climate, are in serious danger.

Analyzing the degree of incidence of deaths in the agri-food sector, the book provides a confident answer to the phenomenon: the activities and initiatives to safeguard and control that beekeepers, farmers, scholars, and experts, but also public administrations, are carrying out with great commitment and perseverance, in Italy and abroad so that bees are once again our precious allies and the main guarantors for the quantity and quality of our food.

September 3, 2021

Let’s take advantage of the breeze

Meeting with Giorgio Brizio (Fridays For Future activist)

Non siamo tutti sulla stessa barca”,

("We are not all in the same boat")

2021, Slowfood Editore

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

Giorgio Brizio invites us to action, addressing anyone who intends to get involved to make a difference. From the climate crisis to migration, the author offers an unprecedented look at the most urgent current issues, told in an inclusive and contemporary language. The volume in fact outlines a clear and lucid cross-section of the current scenario in which the common thread that binds all the chapters is the sea, as hospitable as it is threatening, but inhabited, navigable and extremely symbiotic with the movements of mankind and the consequences of his actions.

September 4, 2021

The trees, us, the world

Meeting with Francesco Ferrini (Professor of the University of Florence) and with Ludovico del Vecchio (Writer)

La Terra salvata dagli alberi”,

("The Earth saved by trees")

2020, Elliot Editore

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

The protagonists are the trees, the role they play in ecosystems, their indispensable action as devourers of Co2, an invaluable living and green heritage, to be protected and improved, the bearer of health, safety, beauty, and economic benefits for the whole planet. "The Earth saved by trees" ranges from scientific aspects (the distribution of trees on Earth, their evolution from the beginning of life, because they can stop the climate catastrophe) to their value in human society and culture, to arrive at practical advice: which trees are most useful to plant, how and when to do it, how through trees to take care of water and food.

September 5, 2021

The places we will inhabit

Meeting with Elena Granata (Docente Politecnico di Milano)

Biodivercity. Città aperte, creative e sostenibili che cambiano il mondo”, ("Biodivercity. Open, creative and sustainable cities that change the world") Elliot Editore (2019), and with Einaudi Placemaker (on October) "Gli inventori dei luoghi che abiteremo”, ("The inventors of the places we will inhabit")

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

With "Biodivercity. Open, creative and sustainable cities that change the world" (Slowfood Editore 2019), and in preview for the Prefestival "The inventors of the places we will inhabit" (Einaudi Placemaker, out in October 2021), the theme of cities is addressed. The world of today and even more so the world of tomorrow will be an urban world, made up of cities and metropolitan regions. Like everything in nature comes from biodiversity, even in contemporary cities, every change originates from the variety and social differences, from human creativity that continually shuffles the cards and pushes innovation in unexpected directions.

September 6, 2021

The problem and the solution: climate and women

Meeting with Annalisa Corrado (Author)

Le ragazze salveranno il mondo. Da Rachel Carson a Greta Thunberg: un secolo di lotta per la difesa dell'ambiente”,

("Girls will save the world. From Rachel Carson to Greta Thunberg: a century of struggle for the defense of the environment")

2020, People

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

The contribution of women to environmentalism is often underestimated. It starts with Rachel Carson, the woman who defeated the DDT multinationals, passing through the Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, the tireless activism of Jane Fonda, up to the mobilization generated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg, in an intergenerational alliance between women who do not stop fighting to defend the planet. The climate emergency, like many other global challenges, will never be overcome without the empowerment of women of all ages, the real engine of change soon, as the book demonstrates.

September 7, 2021

Stories of environment and plastic

Meeting with Franco Borgogno (Journalist, author)

Plastica. La soluzione siamo noi”, ("Plastic. We are the solution")

2020, ed. Nutrimenti

h 19.00, Online

Link: soon

A volume that revolves around a material that is a symbol of progress, but also of waste and bad policies; starting with plastic, the book tells twelve success stories of people who from below have managed to play an important role in the fight against pollution, demonstrating that individual commitment can make a difference and that each of us, depending on the their vocations, resources and skills, can do the right thing.

Preview of the festival

September 8, 2021

Screening of the movie "Acqua-team Missione Mare"

“Acqua-team Missione Mare” by Massimo Montigiani – Animated movie for children

h 17.00, Torralba (SS), in the Carlo Felice Cinema

Meeting with Alberto Diana (Director)

with Fulvio Accogli

"Fango rosso" by Alberto Diana

h 19.00, Torralba (SS), in the Carlo Felice Cinema

September 9, 2021

Meeting with Laura Scaini (Writer, comedian)

“Vabbè mi son fatta di peggio” by Giulia Nardo and Laura Scaini, Prospero Editore (2020)

h 12.00, Calangianus (SS), at Careddu Parrucchieri

Screening of the movie "Kentannos"

"Kentannos" by Victor Cruz, Kino Produzioni (2016)

h 21.00, Tempio Pausania (SS), at Cinema Teatro Giordo

Bookolica, the Festival of Creative Readers, will be held in Tempio Pausania from 10 to 12 September 2021, to revive the most recent editorial proposals in a new light through readings, music, workshops and performances.

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