About Bookolica

The festival project was born from the idea of channelling a multiplicity of heterogeneous propulsive energies into an opportunity to meet and exchange in the municipalities of Alta Gallura. For its part, Bookolica was born from the genuine desire to discover and to meet: three days during which writers, emerging artists, actors and musicians give life to a multi-sensory experience of readings aloud, live music, presentations of books, workshops of creative writing, theatrical shows, convivial moments with authors, book exchange corners, literary trekking and performances that invite audience’s participation.


Text & Context

The aim of the festival is to reconsider the centrality of the reader and of the local community in its enviromental context, rediscovering the places as interactive books to browse and read and in which to feel aware protagonists.

Moreover, the aim of the festival is to make the different languages of art and culture interact with tradition and technology. During the Festival we will try to remove any elitism from the cultural events. There will be small happenings that will emphasize shared experiences, confrontation with one another and stories which we hope will create a strong union.



Bookolica is composed of different subjects that represent the interaction of literature with other arts and languages. The program is turned to a large and intergenerational audience: children might be interested in workshops and digital activities; adults in reading experiences in unusual places such as markets, nuraghe, gardens and prisons.







[Illustrations by Elisa Talentino]

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